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My Market Insight - Fragrance PR Performance 2017

Date Posted: Thursday 26th October 2017

My Market Insight - Skincare PR Performance August 2017

My Market Insight, the company for data, commentary, and analysis across various media platforms, has revealed its weekly beauty insight today with a focus on fragrance in (April-June) Q217 v's (July-Sept) Q317.

This week’s report focuses on the PR performance of fragrance brands across print, online and social channels between Q217 (April-June) and Q317 (July-September). We look at the quarter on quarter trends, displaying which fragrance brands led the way in terms of mentions, earned media value (EMV) and social actions. 

Within this report, we highlight examples of successful new fragrance launches that stand out amongst a category that is renowned for its classic fragrances. With so many different fragrance products all launching and vying for coveted media space, online has embraced the opportunity to talk about these new launches.

This week’s report also profiles a case study on Jo Malone London and the impact of inviting Social Influencers on a press trip to celebrate a product launch. We see the power of Social Influnecers in driving PR mentions through their multiple platforms. That is, coverage dedicated to the launch being shared across Instagram, YouTube as well as blog articles. As a direct result of this content, audiences have a sense of immediacy to the product, which in turn drives engagement as followers interact with these social posts and deliver social actions in the form of likes, views and comments.

Content Summary:

In Q317, Chanel's latest launch, Chanel Gabrielle, achieved 99 PR mentions, ranking 1st for PR mentions by fragrance product across print, online and social.

In Q217 and Q317, Giorgio Armani ranked in the top 10 fragrance brands for both periods based on the number of PR mentions as well as EMV across print, online and social.

Tom Ford’s latest launch was the limited-edition scent Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous. This captured the attention of the media, creating a buzz of excitement, in part due to its sassy name.

Ones to Watch:

Elie Saab received a significant uplift in PR mentions in Q317 compared to Q217, growing in ranking from 25th to 61st. In Q317, Elie Saab fragrances were mentioned across the media by 47 different publications. This coverage was driven by the brand’s launch, Girl of Now EDP, which was first mentioned in the media in July 2017 and has since achieved EMV worth £98,836 from 40 PR mentions, the largest proportion of which came from

In Q317, Gucci Bloom was the 2nd most spoken about fragrance product across print, online and social by number of PR mentions. Gucci Bloom was first mentioned in the media in May 2017 and increased from 9 to 51 PR mentions across the periods Q217 to Q317. This PR coverage for Gucci Bloom was worth £122,638 in Q317, the largest proportion of which was from, which featured the fragrance in two online articles.

MixedGemsBeauty (Rose Gallagher) is a makeup artist and popular Social Influencer who creates beauty specific content across her blog and social channels. Rose has 22k Instagram followers who engage with her beauty product reviews and recommendations. Between Q217 and Q317, Rose featured 26 fragrance PR mentions, which generated 5,800 likes for the fragrance category.

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