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DIARY Influencer: Scarlett Dixon from Scarlett London

Date Posted: Tuesday 24th January 2017

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DIARY directory recently caught up with Scarlett Dixon from Scarlett London. Founded in 2011, Scarlett London specialises in travel, fashion and beauty content, documenting Scarlett’s journey over the years. Scarlett has been featured in a TV advert focused on cosmetic surgery - which was shown across ITV, E4 and E! - has starred in a fashion campaign for couture designer Jody Bell and has collaborated with a number of different brands. As well as blogging full-time, Scarlett is also a trained journalist and often freelances for different online and print publications. Additionally, Scarlett puts together blogger networking events in and around central London and offers consultancy services for brands.

Written for Glamour & Cosmopolitan

Offers consultancy services for brands & organises
blogging events

Without DIARY, I'd feel a bit out of the loop! "


Date of birth: 06.01.1994 - age 23
County & country of residence: UK
3 main areas of focus: travel, fashion, beauty
5 specific areas of interest:

luxury travel, premium beauty, high street fashion, high-end fashionhealth

Skin tone: dry/ sensitive
Hair colour: blonde
Dress size: 8/10
Shoe size: UK 6

Listed in DIARY directory in the digital influencers subsection, along with 1000+ categorised influencers for PRs to work with, Scarlett discusses her blogging journey, how being subscribed to DIARY benefits influencers, and tells us about how brands can get involved with the first ever London Blogging Convention in March. 

What got you into blogging, how long ago did you start?

I started my blog in 2011, when the thing we fondly refer to as the 'blogosphere' looked rather different. To be totally honest, I didn't even know what a blog was when I set mine up. My dream was to become a journalist and the advice I'd received was to set up an online portfolio of my writing. It just stemmed from there. 

Who are your core readers?

Google Analytics tells me that my readers are mostly female (82.7%) and in their twenties and thirties (18-24 - 32.58% and 25-34 - 42.31%). The site offers something for those that love editorial-style writing but want that lifestyle, blog feel. As a trained journalist and now full-time blogger, the two weave together to create a hub for travel, fashion and beauty inspiration. I try and tackle subjects that we as young women should be thinking about, while also providing some outfit inspiration for your wardrobe. My most popular posts are my travel diaries, which is something I'm going to be planning more of in 2017 - because everyone loves a bit of wanderlust! 

Do you have any additional professional help for your blog?

My blog is pretty much a one-woman band at the moment but I am very lucky to have help from my boyfriend when it comes to the photography side of things. He's also a blogger and it's lovely to be on the same page - especially when you're travelling together, it kind of takes the pressure off having to capture and document everything solely yourself. 

" Rates vary depending on the collaboration but I do have a media kit that PRs and brands can request. I tend to work with a number of brands on a long term basis because I find this kind of campaign engages with my readers best..."

How does being subscribed to DIARY directory benefit you as an influencer?

It has proved to be an invaluable tool for me, because it's my hub for calling in samples, putting out requests, finding out about events (to make the most of my days in Central London) and generally keeping up to date with the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion. Without DIARY, I'd feel a bit out of the loop! 

What’s one thing people may not know about you or your blog?

Ooh good question! I think one thing that people don't realise is that I also run a digital extension of my blog 'Scarlett London Digital' which offers consultancy services for brands. Putting all my knowledge of blogging and social media to good use (as well as my several years working in PR and my degree in Multi-Media Journalism), I adore working closely with my clients to offer the same shareable content and engaging channels that I strive for my own. I have a unique position, actively immersed within the blogging community - so I'm able to offer great influencer marketing solutions and pinpoint the best bloggers for certain campaigns. Similarly, I know the expectations from both parties (brand and blogger) so I'm able to manage this and liaise between the two. I have a wonderful team of people who I've trained personally and together we advise our clients on this exciting and ever-evolving new blog world! 

You organise several blogging events - which includes the first ever London Blogging Convention coming in 2017 - where did the idea for these come about and how can brands get involved?  

Yes! It's a super exciting new venture and I can't wait for March to come around! I started running blogger events in 2013, initially because I wanted to meet some like-minded individuals in London - who loved writing, fashion and photography. However over the years, the events rapidly increased in size - in-fact our #BloggersBall in June had almost 300 influencer, YouTuber and Blogger attendees! Nowadays, the events take place in large Central London venues and we try to maintain a really friendly, informal feel - a perfect environment for great networking! We invite brands along to showcase their latest launches, host giveaways and generally enhance their own blogger networks. We do still have a number of exhibitor slots available for #BlogConLDN in March (18th) and so if you are interested, please feel free to drop us an email (!

Fashion, beauty, travel, tech, lifestyle and health brands generally work best, however, we're open to new ideas! This year, we're introducing an 'Inspirational Women in Blogging' speakers section, where we're inviting a number of top influencers to come along and chat about their path so far - and where they think the future of blogging will be. There is an exclusive opportunity for one brand to headline this particular area! 

How do you think brands/PRs can work better with influencers? Any pet peeves?

I think, on the whole, PR's are great. There are so many wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with - and they've often come up with the most incredible, creative events, trips and campaigns for us bloggers to get involved with! So I feel we're lucky here in the UK! However, I do get a little confused and frustrated when I'm sent a press release and assortment of professional images or product shots and asked to feature it on my site. Lifestyle blogs are all about personality - and we'd have to shoot the items ourselves in order to weave them in seamlessly and create engaging content. 

Do you have a rate card?

Rates vary depending on the collaboration but I do have a media kit that PRs and brands can request. I tend to work with a number of brands on a long term basis because I find this kind of campaign engages with my readers best and allows me to create insightful content with products/values woven in. Plus, I think audiences are now more savvy and don't want to see lots of one-off product pushes, but creative and clever content that makes them think. Long-term collaborations also allow for more natural mentions and being able to drip-feed audiences new content. 

Are blogs the new magazines? What are your thoughts on the future of publishing due to the rise of blogs and digital/social platforms?

I think that there will always be a place for magazines (at least in my heart anyway). I personally love the feel of sitting down with the latest issue of my favourite mag (Cosmo) and flicking through the pages with a cup of tea. When you're reading something printed, you disconnect from the world and focus on that one article, which is lovely (and something I miss). While reading things on your phone is great, you're tuned into everything else at the same time and your mind isn't solely focused on what you're reading. Blogs on the other hand, offer something totally different - and I get the majority of my fashion inspiration from my favourite influencers. I love that there's an emerging editorial feel to blogs and that the top contenders are evolving to present a really immersive, interactive way of engaging with their content. We're all nosey and we love looking into other people's lives, so blogs offer us that chance to be overly voyeuristic and really invest in that person. Which is why I think blogger's recommendations often sell products out! With all of that in mind, I honestly think there's room for both! 


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