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DIARY Influencer: Sabrina Babo from A Little Obsessed

Date Posted: Tuesday 17th January 2017

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DIARY directory recently caught up with Sabrina Babo from beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, A Little Obsessed. With a blog heavily focused on beauty products and clothes, Sabrina shares her experiences, reviews, recommendations and general lifestyle encounters with her dedicated and engaged audience. Sabrina has worked with a number of respected brands, including Boots, Rimmel, Bourjois, Primark, Gillette and Nude by Nature to name a few. 

UK beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger

Worked with Boots, Primark, Bourjois

PRs still seem to value written content more" 

Date of birth: 05.02.1992 - age 24
County & country of residence: London, UK
3 main areas of focus: beauty, fashion, lifestyle
5 specific areas of interest: make-up, skincare, womenswear, London, travel
Skin tone: light/ medium & normal
Hair colour: brunette
Dress size: 10
Shoe size: UK 6

Listed in DIARY directory in the digital influencers subsection, along with 1000+ categorised influencers for PRs to work with, Sabrina divulges why she hasn't yet signed to a management agency, what social platforms perform best for her and where she thinks the social and influencer world is heading.

Who are your core readers?

Most of my readers and followers are women aged 25-34, closely followed by women aged 18-24 that really love beauty & fashion. They're busy women who have moved away from more traditional media and now go online for their beauty & fashion fixes. 

You also have a YouTube channel; will this ever be your sole focus or will your blog continue to be your main platform?

They're both very different and I can definitely see myself loving them both equally. On one hand, my blog is mine (unlike YouTube where you upload onto someone else's platform) and it's what got this all started but I really love the connection I have with my viewers on YouTube, they get to know you so much better; a video is far more personal. 

What's an average day for you?

There isn't really an average day, blogging is very flexible but also very demanding. I try to only have meetings and events 2/3 days a week and spend the other days filming, answering emails and writing blog posts. I also work at least one day over the weekend as it's the perfect opportunity to have a friend/ my boyfriend take my outfit photos or help me film. There are rarely any days off, even on holiday you have to keep Instagram posts regular and stay on top of emails.

" I think we'll see a move more towards videos and visual content; Instastories is definitely the one to watch at the moment. I also think we'll see even more magazines move online and transform their columns into videos."

Do you have any professional help for your blog?

A lot of bloggers have photographers now but I do most of it myself (with a little help from my friends). I've been blogging for a long time and I think I'm a little old school when it comes to professional help, I try to do most of it myself as I think that's what my readers want to see but it is getting harder. I remember when I first started I designed and created my whole blog with some coding help from Google but I soon decided it was far too time consuming and it was best to leave it to the pros. I think I'll start to get a little more professional help this year but most of the times I'll give it a go myself. I've been approached about representation quite a few times but I think being about to choose all the work I do and work directly with brands, having a middleman often means things don't run as smoothly, in my experience. 

How do you think brands/PRs can work better with influencers? Any pet peeves?

Not any major pet peeves but it's surprising how long brands/PRs take to trust different platforms, I think YouTube/Instagram is just as important as blogs at the moment but brands/PRs still seem to value written content more. 

Do you have a rate card?  

I do have a rate card and I think it's important to have one as a blogger, however, I think fees will always vary a little depending on the brand brief. At first, it's very tricky to find how much you should actually be charging but once you work with a few brands it gets easier.

You’re active on many forms of social media, which one performs best for you?

They are all so different that it's hard to pick. I think Instagram is probably the most important at the moment, I'm very happy with my Instagram as 80% of my followers are women, which means that when I work with brands their product is really going to their target audience. Most of my Instagram followers are also 25-34-year-olds, therefore have buying power and makes my following stand out. That said Snapchat will always have a special place in my heart as I love how casual everyone is on it. Sadly I think Twitter is not what it used to be and I only use it to share links and ask for recommendations. 

What has been your blogging highlight?

Blogging as a whole is quite the highlight and I feel very lucky that I can call it my job. As cliché as it sounds, the highlight is still when I meet subscribers or they leave me sweet comments; there are so many bloggers out there and it still amazes me that people decide to follow me. 

Is there something else you’d like to branch into?

For this year I really want to be putting out more video content and concentrating a little more on that but who knows what I'll branch into after. I've got a few ideas but I'm not sure I should be taking on another huge project.

What are your thoughts on the future of publishing due to the rise of blogs and digital/social platforms?

I'm always asked when I think blogs/vlogs will stop being popular and I can't see it being anytime soon. I think the whole environment does evolve very quickly and it's important to adapt. I think we'll see a move more towards videos and visual content, Instastories is definitely the one to watch at the moment. I also think we'll see even more magazines move online and transform their columns into videos.

What other bloggers /influencers do you follow and why?

Lily Pebbles & The Anna Edit will always be favourites; their content is beautiful, and you can really see their love and passion for blogging. 


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