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UK fashion consumers still far more likely to buy clothes on desktop over mobile

Date Posted: Wednesday 21st September 2016

With London Fashion Week closing yesterday, new research has been released today that shows British fashion consumers are still relying on their desktops, instead of smartphones to buy the latest clothes despite mobile eCommerce as a whole accounting for 51% of online purchases in the UK.

Nosto, a personalisation platform for online retailers, analysed data from over 700 small to large merchants in Europe and found British consumers spend less on mobile for fashion, but more than most Europeans. The average order value (AOV) of clothing from UK fashion consumers was £116 on desktop for the first half of 2016 (January to June) per purchase, yet the average mobile purchase for fashion items was much lower, at £89, even less than the average tablet spend of £107 among UK consumers.

Nosto’s data also discovered across all devices, UK fashion consumers were the second biggest spenders in Europe at £111 per purchase, only behind the Nordics (£123), yet well ahead of Spain (£95), Germany (£93) and France (£86).

The full report from Nosto is available here to download.