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My Market Insight - Social Influencers in March 2017

Date Posted: Friday 21st April 2017

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My Market Insight, the company for data, commentary and analysis across various media platforms, has revealed its weekly beauty insight today with a focus on social influencers in March 2017. Beauty PR is largely driven through social media; delivering 52% of all beauty mentions, with Twitter being the main driving force (29%). In March 2017, the top performing companies on social media were Estée Lauder Companies (2,044 mentions), L’Oréal group (1,888 mentions) and LVMH (839 mentions). At a brand level, Too Faced led the way in terms of Twitter and Instagram PR mentions. While, MAC Cosmetics outperformed any other beauty brand across YouTube.

Content Summary

Top 10 influencers by social actions – Twitter

Zoella achieved the highest amount of likes for beauty PR mentions, with Pixi by Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette achieving the most social actions (10,699 likes and 1,135 retweets).

Too Faced was the most mentioned brand on Twitter in March 2017 (288 PR mentions). They achieved 1,543 likes and 2,727 retweets through 37 different social influencers. However, the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand achieved the most likes overall, with 12,335 likes.

In March 2017, Desert Isle Skin delivered the highest AVE on Twitter (£60,676), and supported the Clarins brand with £4,963 AVE.

Top 10 influencers by social actions – YouTube

Kaushal Beauty achieved the most social actions across YouTube in March 2017 (20,764,592 views and 832,464 likes). Her most engaged brand was Tarte, which achieved 83,634 likes and 2,161,244 views. 

MAC Cosmetics achieved the most engagement in March 2017 (452,660 likes and 9,851,045 views). Anna Saccone contributed the most social actions to the MAC brand, receiving 78,913 likes and 1,409,558 views. Furthermore, Anna Saccone produced the most social AVE for beauty brands – £149,434.

Nina Vee produced the most PR mentions for beauty across YouTube in March 2017 (224 mentions). Her most mentioned brand was Morphe with 37 mentions.

Top 10 influencers by social actions – Instagram

Compared to February 2017, Instagram experienced a 3% decrease in beauty PR mentions, but still delivered 3,326 PR mentions across our social influencers. However, despite Instagram experiencing a decline in mentions, social actions increased by 10% in March 2017.

Gina Box achieved the most likes on Instagram in March 2017 (3,667,193 likes). Her most liked products were Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and Tarte’s Shape Tape Contour Concealer, achieving 249,507 likes each.

In terms of social AVE, Gina Box’s Instagram account contributed the majority to beauty brands (£1,117,575). Too Faced gained the most AVE from Gina Box (£160,876). 

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