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My Market Insight - Cosmetics PR Performance in February 2017

Date Posted: Friday 7th April 2017

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My Market Insight, the company for data, commentary and analysis across various media platforms, has revealed its weekly beauty insight today with a focus on cosmetics in February 2017. The top performing companies for cosmetics mentions were Estée Lauder Companies (1,594 mentions), L’Oréal group (1,352 mentions) and LVMH (723 mentions). 

PR for cosmetics is largely driven through social media; delivering 54% of all cosmetic mentions. Whereas traditional methods such as consumer magazines accounted for 13% of all cosmetics mentions, and online publications accounted for 18%.

Content Summary

Top 10 brands by mention – print

When compared to February 2016, there was a 19% decrease in PR mentions across print. The decline in print PR mentions subsequently reduced AVE by 14% and the overall weight of coverage by 15%.

MAC Cosmetics was the most mentioned cosmetics brand across print in February 2017, with 72 mentions. Its most mentioned product was MAC Lipstick, which delivered 10 mentions. However, the most mentioned product across the print channel in February 2017 was Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick for Lips (16 mentions).

Top 10 brands by mention – online

Compared to 2016, online publications experienced a 16% decrease in PR mentions. Similarly, to print, the reduction in mentions is driving a decline in weight of coverage within online (456 pages in February 2016 compared to 352 pages in February 2017). In regards to AVE, online publications experienced a 45% decrease compared to February 2016.

Estée Lauder achieved 95 PR mentions across online publications, online blogs and online e-zines, increasing its weight of coverage to 10.8 pages driving a 59% increase in AVE.

Social influencer focus – Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

In February 2017, Twitter produced the most cosmetics PR mentions across social channels, delivering 2,370 brand mentions. YouTube followed with 1,629 mentions, whilst Instagram was the least utilised channel for this category with 1,034 mentions.

On Twitter, Desert Island Skin drove the most amount of retweets for the cosmetics category, delivering 48,958 retweets. However, Tanya Burr achieved the most likes (1,545) by promoting her YouTube Video ‘January Favourites 2017’.

Zoella received the most engagement on YouTube, with 59,529,782 views and 2,983,682 likes for cosmetics mentions. In February 2017, Zoella’s most popular brands were YSL and Becca.

Kaushal Beauty’s Instagram channel produced the most engagement with 2,032,836 likes for cosmetics PR mentions. Her most popular product was L’Oréal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara, which achieved 142,406 likes.

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